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Connecticut High School Basketball

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Player Profiles
All State
C.I.A.C Tournament
NBA Statistics

Go to Sports Illustrated

Read about the JOHN WILLIAMSON as it appeared on the Dallas Daily News web-site.

Read about the Wilbur Cross Basketball History.as it appeared in the March 24, 2000 edition of the Yale Herald

Read about the History of the New England Interscholastic Basketball Tournament.  as it appeared in the Sunday March 19, 2000 edition of the Hartford Courant

Read about the 1974 National Champion Wilbur Cross team, courtesy of Connecticut Magazine

Outside Links
Basketball Hall Of Fame
N.E. Basketball HOF
New Haven Register
Hartford Courant
Waterbury Republican
Journal Inquirer
New London Day
Danbury News-Times
Connecticut Post
Norwich Bulletin
Meriden Record-Journal

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